Twitter Analytics for All!

SPRKD_Twitter-Analytics-300x3001When I’d manage twitter accounts for companies in the past, I would use third party analytics tools like Simply Measured to monitor the progress and success of tweets or campaigns. While I appreciated the reports Simply Measured provided, I knew given the amount of funding I could allocate to analytics ($0) would always result in a very narrow idea of the impact of my posts. 


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5th Annual Social Media Day

SMDayWhile we celebrate social media every day, today is the fifth year of Mashable’s Social Media Day! Using #SMDay, Mashable has spearheaded the efforts generating global buzz about this ever-so-social Monday. #MCM has some competition this week.

When I first hear about SMDay a few months ago, I was excited to hear other social media enthusiasts wanted to create a day just for social media. A day to appreciate how social media began, where it is now and where the future is headed.


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If This Then That

IFTTTWhen my colleague  first recommended I use IFTTT, I thought “what in the world are you saying?” Little did I know the biggest window of possibilities and opportunity had just been opened for me.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and is a service helping to create powerful connections with one simple statement. According to their website, IFTTT is pronounced like “gift” but without the “g”.

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