Twitter Analytics for All!

SPRKD_Twitter-Analytics-300x3001When I’d manage twitter accounts for companies in the past, I would use third party analytics tools like Simply Measured to monitor the progress and success of tweets or campaigns. While I appreciated the reports Simply Measured provided, I knew given the amount of funding I could allocate to analytics ($0) would always result in a very narrow idea of the impact of my posts. 


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SEM San Diego

SEM San DiegoWhen you’ve just graduated from college and you’re actively looking for an internship or that first entry-level position to get your foot in the door, it’s important to not only connect within your already existing network, but to also make new connections.

Having graduated with my Bachelor’s in May, I’ve enjoyed my freedom that comes with being done with school but I’ve also been actively looking for ways to get my career started.

After connecting with a few agency CEOs on LinkedIn, I was invited to attend a MeetUp event hosted by SEM San Diego. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) isn’t something I’m an expert at, but I’m interested in learning about its usefulness to agencies and brands as they optimize their content.

Attending the SEM San Diego meeting was an amazing opportunity to connect with local business owners and hear from an insightful guest speaker Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent in Seattle. While I didn’t have nearly as much experience in the field as the other attendees, it was interesting getting advice on questions I had about the industry. I definitely made some connections, gathered some business cards and have some reconnecting to do.

I’m looking forward to connecting with this group and similar ones in the future as I continue to explore this field of social media and marketing. 

5th Annual Social Media Day

SMDayWhile we celebrate social media every day, today is the fifth year of Mashable’s Social Media Day! Using #SMDay, Mashable has spearheaded the efforts generating global buzz about this ever-so-social Monday. #MCM has some competition this week.

When I first hear about SMDay a few months ago, I was excited to hear other social media enthusiasts wanted to create a day just for social media. A day to appreciate how social media began, where it is now and where the future is headed.


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If This Then That

IFTTTWhen my colleague  first recommended I use IFTTT, I thought “what in the world are you saying?” Little did I know the biggest window of possibilities and opportunity had just been opened for me.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and is a service helping to create powerful connections with one simple statement. According to their website, IFTTT is pronounced like “gift” but without the “g”.

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