Social Media Match-Up Flights

klmklmJust when you think they’ve thought of everything, social media masterminds surprise you. “Meet and Seat” is a flight seating program spearheaded by KLM Royal Dutch Airline in 2012 allowing travelers to pick who they sit next to based on details from their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. Neat, right?

Travelers can select or change their seat mate up to an hour before a flight’s departure time. The airline has found more than half of its customers using the service have utilized it for profession networking.

“Meet & Seat has been welcomed as a fantastic, innovative new service,” Martijn van der Zee, Air France-KLM’s senior vice president of e-commerce, told Mashable. “People respond with curiosity and enthusiasm and are positive across the board.”

So far 50,000 people have used the service so far. Seems small in comparison to the 52 million passengers who have flown with the airline during the last couple years, but it’s a start.

Initially the flight was only offered to flights out of Amsterdam going to San Francisco, New York and Sao Paulo. Now based on demand, the airline has added ten additional locations from which travelers can use the service.

A few other airlines have similar services available where travelers can apply to sit next to others and either be rejected or accepted. Delta and Malaysia Airlines are some of the other airlines offering incorporating similar social media seating services.

Sounds like an idea with potential, but it could be a while before any America-based airlines jump on the social media seating train. Till then, I’ll be building up my “Social Seating” list on Twitter.

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