Art-tweet-ist goes viral

@drawyourtweetsNapoleon Bonaparte once said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Clearly he never met the mystery British genius behind @drawnyourtweet who’s pictures are worth 140 characters. Since Feb. 5th, the artist behind this trending Twitter handle has been illustrating tweets from followers.

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Tweet, tweet on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Tweet for help

Twitter has been glorified and criticized by users and non-users alike. Like a celebrity in the limelight, Twitter gains the most attention when it makes headlines; headlines that aren’t always as positive as the U.S. earning the Gold medal in the 2014 winter Olympic ice dancing.¬†




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Apple: Too Cool to Tweet

apple twitter

“”Twitter is an ecosystem that Apple can’t control, and Apple likes to control everything,”¬†Belus Capital analyst Brian Sozzi told CNBC.”

When Twitter users go the @Apple profile page, they’ll find 26.3k followers supporting what they think is one of the most influential and innovative tech companies of the 21st century, Apple Inc. But wait, @Apple doesn’t follow any users, hasn’t Tweeted any updates and has the standard green background with a white egg as its profile picture. Figured it out yet? The fact that the Twitter account @Apple doesn’t have the blue checkmark next to the handle verifying the account might mean this isn’t really Apple Inc.

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